Friday, 19 December 2008

Dee Passed Peacefully 2:54am Wednesday 18th December
Sleep Sweet Sweetheart
Our lives are far Richer for having shared some of yours.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Dee sincerely wishes that the love and community spirit that has shone so brightly over recent months, burns into an eternal flame that will become the smile on a billion faces....a smile that says "Thankyou for caring".
If you are motivated by this concept then talk to people, pool some resources, find someone in need and simply do something for them. Every single one of us can potentially make a difference.
Dee has been overwhelmed by the absolutely selfless generosity displayed by those mentioned below and many others. She would like to publically extend a heartfelt THANKYOU for the unconditional love and support displayed throughout her illness.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
All staff, parents and the extended community at Tyabb Primary School for their undying dedication and hard work injecting so much positive energy. Also for the countless offers and donations of their time and resource to Dee, Andrew and Family. Specific recognition and thanks go to:
Diane Dummett (Farewell and good luck) and Chris Mirabella for promoting the initial 'call for help' and for co-ordinating the enormous influx of offers.
Jenine Lindridge and helpers for sourcing of plants and materials for the garden makeover.
Bronny for her incredible catering efforts (baking off-site and cooking on-site) throughout the entire renovation weekend.
Kelly, Alex and Mel for their absolute willingness to help with anything during the reno.
Judy Bennett for arranging replacement of curtains at the house.
The Howell family for the kind donation of a Car Service.

Steve Hosking (our Angel) and his beautiful Family for their continuing and unwavering commitment to the philosophy of 'Pay It Forward' and for the everlasting friendship that has come about as a result.

Troy Poynton (Mulga Creations) for enabling Dee to realise a long-time dream, in transforming their kitchen from an eyesore into a light and functional space wher washing dishes and cooking will become a joy.(Flat-pack supplies donated by All Board Distribution). Also to Jack Boer, Craig Lilley and Glenn Young for organising and installing a brand new Chef gas cooker. (Thanks to Glenn and Mel for the evaporative cooler also).

Ross Dummett (with every wish for a happy recovery) for initiating the replacement of Dee and Andrew's carpet in it's entirety.
Carpet Layers Russell Wilkes, Noel Brian and Michael Round for donating their time so selflessly and producing such a spectacular result. (Underlay donated by Hastings Carpet Court).

Emily Read (Sparky), Jack Unmack, Max Webster, Mark Farell, Tom Frith, Jai Cahill, Matt Fuller, Bruce Barr and Tom Buck, all from Bluescope in Hastings for their amazing efforts and giving of their valuable time during the renovation of Dee and Andrew's home.

It is important to Dee and her Family that the following local Business's are recognised for their awesome contributions to this amazing group-effort:

Westernport Hotel, Kings Creek Hotel, Bakers Delight - Hastings, Canadian Bay Hotel, Westernport Marina, Jims Mowing, Vins Bins, Coolart Nsy - Somerville, Black-Dog Plants - Moorooduc, Bundameer Nsy - Moorooduc, Underwoods Nsy - Tyabb, Black Stump Nsy - Hastings, Westernport Sand and Soil and Pelican Park Recreation Centre and Pantry.

Thankyou also to Mum for her love and undying commitment as Dee's Carer and for preserving Dee's dignity under unbelievably difficult circumstances.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
May the spirit shown here strengthen to outlive each of us.

Thankyou to Dee, from all of us, for all that you are and for all that you stand for......
Simply for being YOU.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Palliative Care

The past week has actually seen me at Frankston Palliative Care. I have lost all strength in my body and can not even stand by myself, let alone walk, shift backwards in a seat or shower myself. This is seriously frustrating, because I actually feel quite alert but my body is incapable of doing the things that my head believes I can do. The plan has been for me to go home tomorrow night, and for Santa to deliver presents then. All the family are coming down to Hastings for a big Christmas celebration; Edwards', Wilsons and Lewthwaites - but because I can not lift myself into a standing position I really am not sure how this is going to work. Here I use a machine called a standing lifter to do everything from going to the toilet to getting in and out of bed, but at home that is not an option. I guess it's something we'll have to brainstorm and see if anyone comes up with any genius solutions to. I would really love to be there when the kids open their gifts, to be a part of one more more Christmas morning, right day or not. I am predominately pain free at the moment, but the lack of strength over-rides that.
The doctors have said I have anywhere up to 3 months to live, but if that is going to be spent as a complete paraplegic I am not sure I want 3 months. I have no desire to say goodbye to my beautiful children or to all the wonderful friends who are showering me with love, but this is so tough, and I really don't think I could handle three months of this. Praying that God either decides to restore my strength or allow me a peaceful departure after this weekend.
Omce again, thankyou to EVERYONE for their love and support; it has really lifted my spirits.

Monday, 1 December 2008

The Latest

Hi All,
It's Dees Dad-Mark again. Dee has asked me to bring you all up-to-date with where she is at right now.
As was indicated by her last entry, Dee lost her hair.
Mum did the deed, and Dad went out in sympathy.

After coming home again from Peter Mac on Wednesday, breaking a couple of ribs [simply by standing up - Go Figure] on Thursday, and spending Thursday night on oxygen in Frankston Hospital, we managed to get an outing in to the Circus on Friday evening.

We went straight to Olinda from the circus as this is where Dee, Dane and Lydia would spend the weekend with Mum/Grandma, while the house was being transformed.........
I would now like to share with you a very special weekend.
A large group of people from Lysarts in Hastings, as well as some friends and family members turned up to the house from Friday night [about 6pm] to Sunday afternoon [about 5.30pm].
Each of those that attended were so obviously there for one contribute selflessly and unconditionally, their time and skills to help Dee, Andrew and Family in some tangible way.
Well that they did!
Starting completely from scratch, they recarpeted the entire house, totally replaced the kitchen with brand new everything and spring-cleaned and tidied the entire house.
The result was simply amazing. I hope the photos do it some justice.

We will be thanking everyone individually and publically in the immediate future, but cannot pass up the opportunity to once again thank Steve [Team Leader] and Lysarts crew, Troy [All Things Kitchen], Ross and crew [All Things Carpet], Kelly [Community Contributions] and Bronny [enough GOOD food-baked at home and cooked on site-for a small Army].
After a challenging weekend with a fading pain-management regime, Dee was to be re-admitted into Peter Mac on Sunday.
Nothing, however was going to prevent her from stopping by Home on the way to inspect and acknowledge the amazing stuff that went on there in her absence.
Dee, Dane and Lydia even layed their own tiles in the kitchen to mark the completion of the work - very emotional!!
As hard as it is to follow up such a wonderful story with such shitty news...Dee has made it my duty to do so, as she is conscious of sharing everything with those who care about and support her so unconditionally.
Today Dee had another CT scan to monitor the growth of the Cancers.
Based on these results, a new plan has been formulated. From here on the efforts shift from fighting the Disease to controlling the Pain, and Dees comfort, for anywhere up to 3 months becomes Paramount.
This is a very difficult thing to accept and to realise as Family and I am sure it will sadden many,
but the important thing now, is to surround Dee with the Love and support that we all feel for her and to just be here for her for those times she might need us over the coming weeks.
I really hope that she will be home soon and be able to write the next installment herself.

Monday, 24 November 2008

My hair is fallin' out

Well, they said I wouldn't lose it... they lied. My hair is falling out in big chunks at the moment and it is really annoying. I'm not particularly worried about being bald; realistically it's no big deal, but as my hair thins it's just everywhere!

So with that in mind, I thought I'd post some pics from last weekend, among the last you'll see of me with my own hair for a while. Haven't decided yet if I'll be getting a wig or a bandana or anything; I guess we'll wait and see.

My energy levels are still insanely low - I had to have three units of blood transfused on Friday because of a low haemoglobin count, and my platelts are not behaving either, so I'm really hoping that this is all okay for Friday which is when my next round of chemo is scheduled for. I'll make sure someone let's you know if all that goes ahead. The next lot of tests, to see if this is working, are scheduled for three weeks after this round of chemo; basically, before we go again. Fingers crossed and prayers being sent that this round makes some big changes; this stuff has made me feel so crappy that it's GOT to have done something!
Love n hugs

Thursday, 20 November 2008

First 'Dees Dad' Installment

Hi all, Mark here - Dee's Dad.

As mentioned in the last update, Dee has shown me how to do all this so here goes.

Dee's going through a 'can't be fagged' phase at the moment (quite understandably) and I thought it would be good to share a couple of highlights over the past few days.

As she mentioned, I tag-teamed with Mum (Lynne) on Sunday.

An opportunity arose for an outing so Dee, Dane, Lydia and I set off to the Fish and Chippery in Mornington, then on to the foreshore reserve to eat, play and just soak up the big outdoors.

After an Ice Cream from Mr.Whippy (can't believe he's still going-must be getting on a bit) we made the journey [crutches and all] down the ramp to 'Mothers Beach'.

After reaching the bottom Dee spotted some rocks 50 metres along the beach so away we went.

After finding a comfy seat on the rocks the kids stripped down for a wade/swim. It turned out to be a wonderful photo opportunity until the camera batteries gave up.

Good fortune, however came along in the form of a phone call from my parents (Dee's Ga and Grandpa).....'Where are you guys - we'de love to join you'. And so they did, less than 30 minutes later witha camera that worked and all.

Needless to say, by the time we got home Dee was out for the count, but was heard to mumble that it was all worth it, before falling asleep.

Other significant events worth noteing are a trip to the hills on Wednesday, and a wade in the local pool this morning.

Although Dee's energy levels have been particularly low of late, we have been blessed to have been able to share these special moments and look forward to all such opportunities ahead.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

A quick update

I know a few people have been worried, so am just popping on to let you all know I am alive and well. I came home late last week and finished a course of radiotherapy to the brain which has really put me through the ringer, so am not up for much at all to be honest. I haven't been even answering the phone, simply for lack of energy, so apologies, but that's how it is at the moment.

Mum has been staying at my place 5 days a week to look after me, and Dad's here today, so I'm showing him how to update this so he can keep you all posted when I'm not able (or simply can not be fagged :) ) That's it from me for today - will be back online sometime soon no doubt.

Love n hugs